Why do we recommend RFID Lockers?

The need to positively know:  Who, Why, What, Where

  • Know who has the asset.
  • Know why they took that particular asset.
  • Know what asset they took: key ring, radio, laptop, cell phone, scanner, weapon did they take.
  • Know where they are using the asset.

Using lockers with RFID tagged assets can guarantee:

Who – The lockers will only open for a user that has an authorization level to use that particular asset.

Why – The lockers will know what time the asset can be released to the user and for how long they can use it.  The Team Member will only be able to use assets that are used in their job description.

What – Allowing your Team Member access to all of the tools they need to do their job in a timely, secure manner increases productivity.

Where – Knowing where the Team Member is scheduled to work may be very important in an emergency.  We can help with that.


Download the Smart Asset Management Brochure

Systematic Rotation

Why do your Team Members take assets, including fleet keys early in the day when they do not require them until later in the day?  Usually they want to use the newest one.  deister lockers solves that problem by automatically rotating those assets, serving up the asset that needs to be used next.


Could your organization tie up less capital in assets if the ones being used were used in a more efficient manner?  You can increase productivity with less invested, when you use our automated lockers.


deister lockers issue only the assets your Team Member is sanctioned to use.


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Requires No “Up-Keep”

RFID technology does not require physical contact.  RFID transponders may be attached to assets in tag form or hidden inside an asset.  The RFID chip holds a unique description or identification of the asset.  Each time the asset is removed or returned to the locker by the authorized Team Member, that action is recorded by an antenna which is located inside the locker.  This information is then available in report form.  When questions arise about the use of assets, you will have the history for that asset to review.

RFID chips are durable and virtually “life time” guaranteed since they do not require contact, to record use.  They do not require batteries, so there is no wasted time cleaning them.



Requiring a combination of 2 credentials for access ensures only authorized users may take assets.

Simple authorized access to locker cabinets and keys is provided by a choice of control terminals.  All terminals include an integrated multi-technology proximity reader and the majority of our customers can make use of their existing credentials, PIN or both, saving time and money.  A touch screen terminal option is available and any Wiegand output device (including 3rd party readers and biometric verification) may be used for identification purposes. Multiple lockers along with key cabinets may be controlled from a single terminal.




Locker Cabinet

Tracking Assets Electronically

deister lockers come in a range of sizes and number of compartments that may be mixed and matched to create the perfect combination for your assets.

Simple “check out” and “check in” controlled by the reader, will let you know who opened and closed the locker.  When we add an RFID tag to the asset and place an antenna inside the compartment, we can be sure which Team Member “checked out” and then “checked in” the asset since that Team Member will have used the terminal to open the compartment door with the 2 credential presentation for system access.


racx Combo Cabinet

Put all of your assets in one cabinet.

The racx has been designed to accommodate 3 different kinds of assets.  It holds key panels for key control, radio panels for hand held control and even has drawers to hold large key rings and other devices.





Keep safe, charge and manage.

With different sizes of cabinets the flexx portfolio of cabinets offers space for diverse safe storage options, for example, holders for radio handsets or slots for keys. The storage options are individually adapted to suit the corresponding device. It is also possible to safely store and manage different devices in the same cabinet. According to requirements it is also possible to integrate a battery charging station along with a charge status display. The devices can be issued on a rotational basis, so that only fully charged handsets are issued and not half flat ones.