Secure, Automatic Vehicle Identification

Secure Vehicle Identification
made simple.

Solution for parking garages, gates  and barriers using hands-free driver ID. Easily integrates with access control systems or stand-alone to directly control a barrier or gate for any secured vehicle access entrance or exit.

Solutions are automatic identification for barrier control, parking garages, gates, airports, taxis, car washes and marinas.

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Durable identification in all types of weather.

Easy to Connect

Stand-alone or combined with any access control system.

Easy to Install

Simple, self-adhesive windshield transponders or ID badges.


Transponders for the Windshield

If you have been doing your homework, you are aware that the deister tranSpeed system is not the only product in the marketplace.   CLC believes the deister product is superior because it is the only system that does not allow for transfer to another vehicle without obvious tampering.  If someone tries to remove the deister transponder, it will break the embedded antenna and render the transponder useless.

Like all competitive systems in this market, the deister transponder is encrypted.  Why is that important?  This encryption works with your current credentials, only the deister transponder is so clever that it reads the transponder; which is linked to the team member’s credentials and raises and lowers gates without your employees having to open their windows and present their identity cards.   If you have ever needed to enter or leave a parking area by presenting your card and it is raining, you know how inconvenient it is to go back to work or drive home with wet arms and sleeves, not to mention moisture on the inside of your door frame.

That amazing antenna was created to be able to read through a windshield as far away as 22 feet, using the TSU 200 reader.  Studies have shown it to be more than 50% more reliable than competitive systems.

  • The “tear proof” transponder reduces deception and increases security
  • Less expensive transponders than others in the marketplace



Proof of RFID Communication

How can you be sure if the windshield transponder is being read?  deister has created the POC to help you position the transponder in the optimal location for each vehicle.  The POC uses the built in LED to display the best place to position the tag on the windshield or the inside of the front bumper.  It just can’t get any easier!




TSU Reader Series

Passive long range identification

deister Ultra High Frequency readers feature a smaller, compact design and are amazingly dependable.  With their integrated antenna, the TSU200 is reliable up to 22 feet and the TSU100 ranges up to 10 feet away.

These tranSpeed, passive transponders were designed to work on glass or metal, increasing better results.

deister’s patent pending design of the integrated antenna in the ISO card allows the card to be read no matter where the card is carried on the body.  Most UHF transponders find it difficult to read if the card is upside down or close to the body, but not deister.  If your company is using dual technology cards with both near field and long range credentials combined, the deister antennae still works efficiently.


TAL 700 Reader

Active long range identification

If your business has had trouble with other readers, the TAL 700 may be exactly what you need.  These long range readers have been designed to work at any angle.  They easily read the transponders on windshields that have been treated with sun filtering film.  The 22 foot read range is perfect for the management of parking spaces and vehicle access control at parking garages.

The coordinating active transponder, TPA 8014 uses the ISO card format and has a battery life of up to 24 months.  Amazingly, the batteries used in the transponder are commonly available and you can replace them yourself, saving your company money and time.  These transponders can also have the ability to read near field credentials. They can read not only the vehicle but also the Team Member’s personal access card at the same time.

How cool is that?  You can securely control the vehicle access and make sure the person driving the vehicle has security clearance.





Controllers & Converters

About the deister Controller

If you don’t already have an access control system to manage your gates, we do.  The deister tranSpeed system uses our own IDC 2 controller in those cases.  Our controller is top-hat rail compatible, providing encrypted interfaces for tranSpeed readers and dry contact relays for vehicle access, exit barriers and light signal control systems.  Our software, “Commander Connect” makes configuring authorization levels a simple exercise and is connected to the IDC 2 through an IP interface.

About the deister Converter

So, basically the converter takes the data coming from your existing gate system and converts it into the format or deBUS protocol that works with our tranSpeed components, encrypting communication on the input side.

Wiegand, Clock/Data, Magstripe, RS232 and RS485 interfaces are supported on the output side by several customer-specific protocols.


One Software for all Systems

Our software Commander Connect is a powerful intuitive software platform that allows easy administration of our systems to provide a complete connected system with an environment based on modern system architecture.

The deister Commander Connect software has been built as truly web-based with an SQL back end database. Capable of working as a stand-alone system connected directly to your cabinet it can easily scale up to a corporate setup and will work on a physical computer or a virtual environment.