In a Perfect World…There are No Master Keys

Team Members would not forget to turn in their keys at the end of their shift.

Team Members would only have access to the keys that they need to do their jobs.

Team Members would not have to waste time and money looking for keys to do their job.

There is no Perfect World, but there is proxSafe which is close to Perfect

You don’t have to have Master Keys, which are incredibly convenient but not a smart way to control access – major liability.

Your Team Members will turn in their keys, but if they forget: you and they can get an email or text reminder to make sure they have put them back in the key cabinet.  If they decide to ignore the reminder, you can fire or fine them, all with the aid of the computer printout.  proxSafe lets you know when a key or asset is taken and returned and by whom.

Download the Key Management Systems Brochure

Tracking the Key or Asset

RFID Tags define all keys and assets.  You control who gets access to them.  So use our mobile app, your computer or even query the cabinet itself to see who has each key/asset.


Commander software allows you to group keys for your Team Members, enabling them to scroll down their approved list for the keys they need to access at any time

Securing the Keys or Assets

proxSafe Key Cabinets and Lockers are designed to only allow Team Members with the proper security designation to access their contents.  You decide what those levels of security will be, those are user defined and designed to work efficiently for your organization.

proxSafe keyTag

A clever design that works through the mud, the blood and the beer.

This RFID keyTag stands heads and shoulders above any other key fob or tag on the market.  Why?  Because it is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification ) Technology.  Unlike other systems that use the old dallas touch memory technology for identification, the attributes of the proxSafe keyTag make it the best and most secure way to identify the keys/assets in your cabinets/lockers.

  • They include the heavy duty key ring which comes in different sizes.
  • The seal makes it easy to add or replace keys, but is secure because it uses a specialty de-sealing tool, designed by deister.
  • There is a Lifetime Warranty on the keyTag because it is contactless and doesn’t wear out or need maintenance because it becomes dirty, pulls apart or becomes warped.
  • You don’t have to worry if it is being inserted “upside down”.
  • No batteries are required.
  • Works even when wet and will not short out your cabinet electronics (that is the where the contactless part is amazing.


Terminal Choices

User identification, cabinet access and system control

Secure access from the built in multi-technology proximity reader allow your Team to retrieve their key rings each day/shift.  deister has been engineering card readers for over 30 years and most companies can use their existing proximity cards and/or PINs.  A touch screen option has been added for customers that require alpha/numeric queries and is available for use with card and biometric readers, (including many third party readers).  You can manage many key/locker cabinets from one terminal or use multiple terminals to control those same set of cabinets.




Model – maxx Key Cabinet

Designed for narrow spaces with a door which rolls up and down when opening and closing.

The maxx model has been designed to be functional in corridors where space is a premium.  Hidden behind the metal roller shutter door are panels that may hold up to 64 keyTags. This model may be combined with other proxSafe models, such as the flex and our locker cabinets, which may all be controlled with a single terminal or multiple terminals.


Model – flexx Key Cabinet

A system that can be easily expanded just by adding modules.

As your business grows, so can your ability to manage keys and assets.  Choose your cabinet size. Mix and match the panels that work for your business. Choose your door. Choose your method of cabinet access.


Cabinet Size Choices:

Choice – 3U – Dimensions 24”W x 11”H x 8.3”D

  • 3U – Capacity for 8 keyTags
    • 1- 8 Single Density Panel
  • 3U – Capacity for 16 keyTags
    • 1- 16 Single Density Panel
  • 3U – Capacity for 32 keyTags
    • 1- 32 Double Density Panel


Choice – 6U – Dimensions 24”W x 18.3”H x 8.3”D

  • 6U – Capacity for 16 keyTags
    • 1 –  16 Wide Density Panel
  • 6U – Capacity for 16 keyTags
    • 2 –  8 Single Density Panels
  • 6U – Capacity for 32 keyTags
    • 2 –  16 Single Density Panels
  • 6U – Capacity for 32 keyTags
    • 2 – 16 Double Density Panels
  • 6U – Capacity for 64 keyTags
    • 2 – 32 Double Density Panels

Choice – 12U – Dimensions 24”W x 27.5”H x 8.3”D

  • 12U – Capacity for 32 keyTags
    • 2  –  16 Wide Density Panels
  • 12U – Capacity for 32 keyTags
    • 4  –  8 Single Density Panels
  • 12U – Capacity for 64 keyTags
    • 4 –  16 Single Density Panels
  • 12U – Capacity for 64 keyTags
    • 4 – 16 Double Density Panels
  • 12U – Capacity for 128 keyTags
    • 4 – 32 Double Density Panels


Choice – 24U – Dimensions 24”W x 55”H x 8.3”D

  • 24U – Capacity for 64 keyTags
    • 4  –  16 Wide Density Panels
  • 24U – Capacity for 64 keyTags
    • 8  –  8 Single Density Panels
  • 24U – Capacity for 128 keyTags
    • 8  –  16 Single Density Panels
  • 24U – Capacity for 128 keyTags
    • 8  – 16 Double Density Panels
  • 24U – Capacity for 256 keyTags
    • 8 – 32 Double Density Panels

Choice – 36U – Dimensions 24”W x 75.6”H x 8.3”D

  • 36U – Capacity for 96 keyTags
    • 6  –  16 Wide Density Panels
  • 36U – Capacity for 96 keyTags
    • 12  –  8 Single Density Panels
  • 36U – Capacity for 128 keyTags
    • 12  –  16 Single Density Panels
  • 36U – Capacity for 192 keyTags
    • 12  – 16 Double Density Panels
  • 36U – Capacity for 384 keyTags
    • 12 – 32 Double Density Panels


Door Choices

  • Steel Door
  • Steel with Window Door
  • No Door


Terminal Choices

  • PIN number only
  • Card Reader
  • Biometric Reader

Panel choices depend on the number of keys you will have on each keyTag.  The beautiful part of the proxSafe design is the ability to mix and match the panels.  Most companies have a variety of key rings, some with many keys and some that are single keys.  With deister proxSafe products you can design your cabinet the way it will work best for your organization.  Is your company growing, perhaps you only need to have room for 128 keys, if you purchase one of the larger units, you can add panels at a future date.


One Software for all Systems

Our software Commander Connect is a powerful intuitive software platform that allows easy administration of our systems to provide a complete connected system with an environment based on modern system architecture.

The deister Commander Connect software has been built as truly web-based with an SQL back end database. Capable of working as a stand-alone system connected directly to your cabinet it can easily scale up to a corporate setup and will work on a physical computer or a virtual environment.