Why should you consider CLC Loss Control?

CLC, has partnered with Deister Electronic.  CLC offers connected systems using a combination of networked hardware and powerful and convenient web based software.

It is CLC’s honor to represent the most innovative and technologically advanced line of products, at the best price for the automotive market. Deister Electronic, has been in the industry for 40 years.  They started out making readers for doors, using RFID technology.  Deister introduced their first key management systems in 2005 using RFID technology – not the Dallas Touch Memory that other systems use. They have kept up with the changing market and technology. CLC  has asked for a more competitive pricing structure for the automotive market and Deister Electronic, has been able to make the necessary changes to allow CLC to compete in the U.S, market.  While key management and demo tag management are of paramount importance, CLC, can also work with dealerships to manage other assets which are included but not limited to keys and demo tags.

No task is too difficult, no request to demanding. CLC will rise to the challenge, day-by-day and year after year. We are proud of our German art of engineering with which we successfully approach the challenging projects in the security industry.

Jackie Daniels, Owner/CEO

In the past 29 years, several additional key management systems have been developed for the automotive market.  You may be wondering why would we want to start a new company and jump back into this market.  If you are an automotive dealer, and you have automotive roots, you know that once you have worked with automotive dealerships, it is addictive.  I love this business, but I don’t love what I have seen happening with key and asset management.  When we started KeyTrak, it was about controlling the vehicle keys and helping dealerships control their costs and employees.  Now, I am saddened when I see how poorly key control systems are managed in dealerships.  In an effort to save a couple of dollars, I see keys attached with plastic zip ties, or cheap aluminum rings.  I hear dealers complain about the expensive monthly maintenance costs and believe me, we never intended for key management to end up this way.

I have had the honor to establish and run the American branches of a couple of European electronic key control companies.  Their products were quite good, but designed for secure markets, like prisons and police departments.  Their prices were always more expensive than the typical key control systems automotive dealerships have been used to buying.


Jackie and her partners invented electronic key management in 1988.

Jackie Herring-Daniels is one of the founders of the first electronic key control company in the world. You may know that history and you may not.  If you know the history, you will know that electronic key control was developed for the automotive industry in 1988.

Automobile Dealers had and still have challenges protecting assets:


  • Garage Liability premiums were increasing steadily due to automobile theft.
  • Vehicle sales suffered since keys were not being managed and protected.
    • You couldn’t sell a vehicle if you couldn’t find the keys to allow them to take a test drive.
    • Statistically, every prospect brings in 2 ½ more prospects. This pyramid is so important to remember because one lost or unavailable key may cost you that sale multiplied.


  • Garage Liability premiums are still increasing steadily due to automobile theft, now from the service drive.
  • Vehicle sales suffer since keys are not being managed and protected.
    • It is difficult to sell a vehicle if you can’t find the keys to allow your prospect to take a test drive.
    • Statistically, every prospect brings in 2 ½ more prospects. This pyramid is so important to remember because one lost or unavailable key may cost you that sale multiplied.  This still applies and in this period of time when customers are bombarded by ads, people still have more confidence in advice from people they know about sales experiences.
    • New keys are much more expensive than the keys in 1988.
    • Now, dealerships have to protect:
      • Tablets
      • Special Order Tools
      • Customer’s Financial Information
      • Access to Offsite Inventory as well as; Onsite Vehicle Inventory

Electronic Key Management Cabinets:

  • RFID keytags that are guaranteed for life – they work through the mud, the blood and the beer, (they can get dirty and wet and still work) unlike dallas touch memory technology.
  • Only .55 cents to SECURELY and easily attach keys to the keytag.
  • RFID keytags are made from PA6, an industrial grade plastic which makes them virtually indestructible, which is what makes them guaranteed for life.
  • These keytags can be left on the customer’s keys when they purchase the car and then when they return for service, that keytag is plugged into the key cabinet in the service department, securely protecting the dealership and the vehicle owner.



Electronic Locker Management Cabinets

Manage tablets for the Service and Parts Departments – These are crucial tools and when they are misplaced or stolen, the downtime for those departments effects your bottom line.

Deister Electronic lockers can hold your employee’s dealership set of keys, their tablet or laptop and monitor both.  Also, these smaller lockers are the perfect size for the new high-line dealerships, since some models do not have keys that could have a key attachment.

I spent a year with a vending company that managed tool inventories for large companies and was privileged to test a couple of systems for storing and managing the “special order” tools that every dealer has in a small room or closet.  I evaluated a GM dealership’s “special order” tools and one for a BMW dealership. Quite frankly, when I had finished, both the dealerships and I were amazed at how much money they had invested in those tools.  More importantly, how much money the dealership lost when a customer’s service work could not be completed until they located the correct tool, and how the mechanic lost time and money just looking for the tool.  We have a solution for that.



TranSpeed – Automatic Vehicle Identification

With an electronic key management system – you know who took the keys and what time they took them.  Add our tranSpeed readers and transponders to control and audit access to barriers and parking garages where inventory is stored.  This system secures access to the garages and barriers by only allowing vehicles with transponders to enter and exit.  This system will work with your existing gates and only needs power.