Simple, Safe and Secure Electronic Key Control!

Simple, Safe and Secure parking access management!

Simple, Safe and Secure Electronic Lockers to manage your cell phones, handhelds, tablets and weapons! With or Without RFID

Expertise counts that’s why CLC was created


Key Control

There are lots of key control systems on the market, how do you decide which is best for your organization?


Vehicle Identification

Would you like to control which vehicles can enter and exit parking garages or other gates and barriers?


RFID Electronic Lockers

Who can access your expensive items such as laptops, radios and other expensive gadgets? 

The CLC Difference - Hindsight is 20/20

CLC, has been involved in key management since 1988, 1987 if you count our first prototypes.  As one of the founders of the first electronic key control system in the world, I have a different view and a practiced eye for finding flaws in the systems that are being marketed today.  Key control and asset management expectations have changed in the past thirty years, yet I see the majority of existing key systems which were designed in the early 1990’s, each thinking they could make a better product, still using the same tired technolgy which is the dallas touch memory chip as their way to manage keys.

With decades of trusted relationships and pleas from their companies to bring them a better, secure and hopefully less expensive product, I even helped a couple of European companies bring their products to America. So, of course; my team has firsthand knowledge of those features and limitations.

You can be sure that all of that experience has provided my team with an inordinate ability to quickly ask you for a list of the challenges you need to address and then assist you to choose the best solution but also plan for your company’s future.  I am sure that as your business evolves, more assets will need protection and you can rely on the CLC team.




TERMINAL: User identification
and system control


POC: Proof of RFID Communication


Commander Connect Software – One software platform to control all systems

Behind all deister electronic hardware is Commander Connect.  Commander Connect is an easy to use web based software platform providing administrative functionality for all deister related electronic systems.

The deister Commander Connect software is built as truly web-based with an SQL back end database. The web based software can work as a stand-alone system connected directly to your PC and key cabinet or it can be networked to control many key cabinets over LAN and WAN networks.  Whether your business needs a simple software solution, or a complex networked solution, CLC can provide either.